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NUMBER 2-3 YEAR 2007
New Perspectives in Exploring Cardiac Patient Imaging - Cardiac CT
1 Neuromed Medical Imaging Centre Timisoara,
2 Institute of Cardiovascular Medicine, Timisoara

Correspondence to:
Gratian Miclaus, Neuromed Medical Imaging Centre, 43, 16 Decembrie 1989 Str., Timisoara, Tel. +40-256-292637
Bolile cardiovasculare ocupa primul loc intre cauzele de morbiditate si mortalitate, atit in tarile dezvoltate, cit si in cele in curs de dezvoltare. Drept urmare, diagnosticarea acestor boli, in special stabilirea unui diagnostic precoce si neinvaziv, cu costuri cit mai mici cu putinta, ocupa un loc principal in managementul pacientilor cardiovasculari. Pe linga tehnicile invazive cunoscute (cateterismul Seldinger), exista in prezent posibilitatea diagnosticarii bolilor cardiovasculare, si in special a patologiei coronariene, prin metode neinvazive, cum ar fi angiocoronarografia cu computer tomograf (angio CT).

The major cause of morbidity and mortality, both in developed and developing countries, is represented by cardiovascular diseases. Consequently, diagnosing such diseases, especially the early and noninvasive diagnosis, with expenses as small as possible, takes front position in the management of cardiovascular patients. Along with known invasive techniques (Seldinger catheterism), presently there is also available the possibility of diagnosing cardiovascular pathology and especially coronary pathology by means of noninvasive methods such as CT angiocoronarography.

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