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Recent Data on the Epidemiology of Urothelial Tumors in our Region
1 Department of Urology
Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy

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Radu Minciu, MD
Bd. L. Rebreanu 156, 1900 Timisoara, Phone: +40-256-163-001/ext. 392
Fax: +40-256-306-116; E-mail:
Overall incidence of neoplasies in our region significantly increased after the Chernobyl nuclear accident. The aim of our study was to compare epidemiological changes of urothelial tumors from 1990-1999 with those from 1971-1982 and to observe whether significant changes had occured. The results of our study suggest that there are no significant changes in epidemiological patterns of urothelial tumors between the two periods.

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